#ChatWorld Channel Rules

  1. English language only
  2. No swearing, obscenities, or vulgarities
  3. No Fighting.
  4. No rudeness about a user’s ethnic, morals, or religious beliefs
  5. Do not ask or beg for OPs… We do the choosing!
  6. No Religion Talks
  7. Don’t make fun each other religion.
  8. No personal fights on main.
  9. If you are kicked or banned from channel you can ask from any active Op or join #CWHelp
  10. All issues will discuss on #CWHelp

Rules for Ops:

  1. If you are not regular or active, you will be removed without warning.
  2. If you are away, either deop yourself or remote off.
  4. Ops can NOT remove another ops ban unless the op is not live (script bans) or the ban is more the 24hrs old
  5. All New Ops will be added for 1-month trial, If they are regular and active then only they should be permanent
  6. Don’t use alternate nicks on Op. If anyone wishes to use another nick then please deop and feel free to use the nick.
  7. Whenever you Joining #ChatWorld make sure you join #CWHelp too.
  8. When kick/ban someone make sure you have the correct information and proof to back up and give justification for your kick/ban.
  9. If anyone has issues/conflicts with other members of the team then please raise the issue through the proper method. Speak to a sop about it or you can directly send a mail to (admin@dalnetchatworld.com)  with all the relevant logs. Solve the issue in a decent civilized manner, rather than resorting to childish fights.
  10. For considering someone for Aop, make sure the nick is at least 4 months old, and the user has been active in #ChatWorld mains for at least 1 month.

“How can I be an op in #ChatWorld???”

1st Regularity and good stats. We do the choosing.

#ChatWorld is an English Speaking channel. We don’t add those who don’t know English.

You will NOT be chosen for AOP if you:

ask for it
use Non-English
use a cafe
are not friendly and helpful
never greet users
do not know DALnet commands
are not familiar with channel policies
do not join daily
annoy users and/or operators
are on many channels
own other channels
use broken English
have less than 14 days on #ChatWorld
have less than 30 days on IRC
share your password
change nicks often
use excess caps
use foul language
have not registered your nick
abuse stats
use racial slurs

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#ChatWorld On DALnet